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You will discover a lifestyle 'Business System' which is the key to generating long-lasting and lucrative results with your customers.

We train you to use the internet to make a lucrative income from home and we cooperate with a strong community with the best of the best in terms of sales systems, training, unique products and a compensation plan that will have you creating amazing results. Do not miss this opportunity!. Money doesn´t make good luck ... it gives you choices .. You still need to work hard, but just you're set on it, you can reach to any length. We have taught many people to make money online ... if you want to educate you and want to make money online, you should contact us to discuss your journey to become a successful internet entrepreneur


1. Exactly what is the Six Figure Mentors?

The Six Figure Mentor system is an advanced internet marketing training facility and it caters to anyone looking to start an internet business or improve their existing online business.

2. Is it MLM?

No, the SFM is not MLM (multi level marketing). There’s no cold calling leads, no pitching to family or friends, no chasing and convincing people and certainly no hosting home parties.

3. What if I know nothing about starting an online business?

You’ll be shown exactly what to do to get your online business set-up. If you can you use email and surf the web, you have all the “skills” you need to get started.

4. I already have an online business – why should I bother with SFM?

If you already make money online, the SFM will take you to the next level to scale your income fast with a system that is proven to work. As a starter, when you apply for membership you’ll get access to the “From Zero To Six Figures” workshop. If you don’t find this to be the most valuable content you’ve ever come across on the internet, you’ll get ALL of your money back AND keep the training as a way of saying thanks for trying it out.

5. What do I get with my SFM membership?

Benefits of SFM membership include: multiple built-in income streams, lead generation, mentoring and top notch support, professionally built websites and systems, a complete and fully integrated (“plug and play”) online sales and marketing platform, unlimited access to weekly training and coaching calls, step-by-step modules teaching you every aspect of online and offline marketing and much more….

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What if I live in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Sweden etc..…?

It doesn’t matter what country you are in, the internet makes this a truly global opportunity. The SFM has members in over 80 countries already.

Do I have to give up my current day job?

No, you don’t have to give up your current job. The system is designed so that you can work on it in your lunch hour or in your spare time.

 How much money will I make?

It would be illegal and unethical to promise you will make a certain amount of money. After all, you may not do anything or you may not follow the system or you may quit. What I can promise you is that you will be taught a powerful skill set (online marketing) that gives you a realistic opportunity to build a solid business online and achieve your financial goals over time. How much money you make (and how quickly you make it) is up to you.

Can I try the system first?

Yes you can. You are welcome to trial the SFM system risk free for 30 days to see if it is for you. All you pay is a small application fee of $19.95 which is instantly refundable if you decide not to join. When you do apply for membership you’ll get access to 6 hours of exclusive online business training (which you get to keep even if you decide not to join) and you can schedule a consultation call with one of our business coaches to chat about any other questions that you may have.

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If you want to have an online business from home, but don’t know where to start or what to do first, then the Internet Laptop Lifestyle course will show you how. In this ultimate video series, you’ll receive a step-by-step road map for starting your own rewarding online business. 

Are you ready to leap out of bed every day, enthusiastic to work? After generating his first million dollars in sales online, Stuart Ross compared notes with other successful online business owners. He now offers the Internet Laptop Lifestyle as the essential training series for highly motivated entrepreneurs. 

You’ll love the Online Marketing 101 crash course as well as the ‘pull-no-punches’ approach this course takes to get your business up and running today, not tomorrow. Making money online is quick and easy (if you know how to do it) and this course will show you exactly what you need to do. 

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